Uncertain or Unwritten…

The language around where we are on Easter 2020 is CERTAINLY uncertain! We are spending much time at home. For some of us that is more than mostly alone. We are in a time of questioning, a time of pausing and a time of change. Some of us have had our businesses or practices limited or shutdown. Others are navigating the rhythm of home schooling, ZOOM calling and sharing work space with a spouse or roommate. We are connecting and supporting each other in new ways. We are learning what 6 feet apart really means, at least some of us are.  None of us have been here before, and where we are going is most certainly UNWRITTEN!

This is a time of frustration, limitation, anger (maybe), grief, isolation and resistance. It has opportunity to be so much more. Many have written, posted or spoken this is a time of the great RESET. It may be a time of remembering who you really are or what your dream truly means.  There have been warnings of gaslighting coming soon, if it’s not happening already. (This is a topic for another blog).

I am grateful for the friends in my life that call me back into myself and call me forward to my greater purpose.  I have had a variety of conversations with people who have either known me for a long time or know me deeply…these differing connections illuminate aspects of myself that help me grow.  One friend used the expression, “let go or be dragged.” They see me as a person with “control issues.” Ha ha, “Me?” Yes! It may be true. Another friend tells me what an inspiration I am, that my writing and way of expressing myself has meant so much to them over the years. As I weave these qualities together, I find the rhythm of breathing, of the lungs, of what is known as metal energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and QiGong. Isn’t it interesting that the COVID-19 is a respiratory virus?

According to TCM, when our metal energy is imbalanced, we cannot sense our value. We compensate by seeking what we think will add value…money, status, power, stuff. Even if we get all the stuff, we still strangely feel unfulfilled.  Many with metal imbalance seek respect and recognition outside themselves, and because of this struggle with letting go. I would venture to say that this is more than an individual imbalance. Think of all the systems of our communities, countries and world that are currently being challenged because of imbalance.  Individually, we are stuck at home with ourselves and we are cleaning closets, attics, garages. We are purging our homes of the extra clutter.  We are keeping busy with home improvements, but are we looking at the soul improvements? And, collectively what about systemic improvements? What does this unwritten future hold for us?

A third friend invited (challenged) me to a 30-day practice of movement. They said it could be anything and they shared that they were going to do a dancing practice. “Challenge accepted!”, I said. I decided to hula hoop. What!??!! Where did that come from??? For some this may seem like a simple thing, for me not so much.  I judge that I have no rhythm. What I have found in 3 days of hula hooping is there is joy here.  When I started, I was picking up the hoop more than it was spinning, but I was better at it than I remembered.  The second day, I did it twice…like I was being called to play.  I could almost complete a 4-minute song without dropping it.  4-minutes is longer than you think when hula hooping!! The third morning, I did two rounds of that 4-minute song without dropping that hoop. Am entranced by the music or is it the energy? I feel inspired! I feel joy! I simply feel. This is the gift of somatic practices; they bring you present!

So, what’s this magical 4-minute song? “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. This song has moved me more times in my life…weaving other stories that I may share at another time or in another blog.  Today, it is the wisdom of the lyrics for our present situation.  “Starring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find, reaching for something in the distance, so close you can almost taste it, release your inhibitions…” Are you wondering what life will be like after this? What’s “normal” going to be? Are you questioning, what is it that you really want to do? What inspires you? Take a deep breath and see! The song says that we’ve been conditioned to not make mistakes…Mistakes are great teachers. Another line of inspiration, “I break tradition, sometimes my tries are outside the lines.” Certainly, our traditions are being broken! It’s Easter Sunday, no church in person or Easter Egg Hunts or Brunch!  How can we create from outside the lines?  What will I (you) let go of? What do I (you) want to take in? Breathe.

As we face this time of uncertainty, can we reframe it to a time that is unwritten? Are we willing to be inspired and let go at the same time? Who are the people in your life that remind you of who you are, the you that you have forgotten? Reach out to them. This is a time of great opportunity…Let’s not be dragged where we don’t want to go! Let’s take this reset as a gift! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I invite…no I challenge you to RISE and welcome what is unwritten!

Until next time, I wish you experience the breath of joy and kindness. I wish you courage to rise.  I wish you peace and hope. I thank my friends that see me, challenge me and love me for who I truly am.

Blessings and Peace,

Blue Jean Oracle