The Challenge Found on The Bottom of A Boot

Here we are in a time of a pandemic, imposed social distancing, feelings of isolation and uncertainty. Businesses are closed, practices halted, and routine is lacking. It feels bleak. Many questions circle and swirl in my head, competing for attention and resolve. I grabbed my boots to go for my solitary, contemplative walk in the woods and I noticed something stuck to the bottom. It was a small piece of paper. Where I picked it up, I do not know. What it said, made me laugh out loud with a sarcastic exclamation of, “SERIOUSLY!!!” What was on that small piece of paper? What four words could make that kind of impact, in a mundane moment? “LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.”

“Live your best life.” This is really all we can do. Live it on purpose and with purpose. Honor the feelings that well up. Stand alone in the silence of uncertainty…and live your best life. For me, this is some scary shit. I have a part time job that is closed to customers.  There is only so much “busy” work I can do.  I have a private practice that can’t see clients face to face, and it’s a service that is one of the first things to go when money and spending is uncertain. Live your best life continues to ring in my head. I live alone with two dogs and a bossy cat! I can do the alone thing no problem, to a point.  I am an extrovert…in isolation! Live your best life.

I question myself with, “have I been living my best life?” My heart says with a resounding, “NOPE!” My next thought is great, now what? Living my best life involves people and interaction and of course, funds to do things…it doesn’t involve worry, fear and uncertainty. Or does it?  Feelings are just that, feelings. We can allow them to be, and not be consumed by them.  “Do your best, with what you have, from where you are,” is running sprints on the treadmill of my mind.  What is my best? What do I have? And, where the hell am I? Where am I…the real me? The one that doesn’t have to please anyone, the one who is wildly creative and tenacious.  The one who feels the suffering of others. The one who loves to laugh. The one that feels the pulse of the earth and smiles. Where is she?

She is right here! She is walking in the woods to feed her soul.  She is writing and creating and musing.  She is texting and chatting with friends and family.  She is smiling and talking to strangers (from a safe distance) when she encounters them.  These are simple things that create the BEST LIFE. Wisdom comes from not knowing. There is so much that is not known, right now. So much uncertainty. All I can do is be me and LIVE MY BEST LIFE.  This is where I am, this is who I am, and this is the present moment. A gift really…a strange gift, but a gift no the less.  It is a time of forced retreat. A time of self-discovery. A time of awakening the best version of myself without my inner people pleaser taking over.  It is a time to dream, to question and to be real with feelings…ALL OF THEM. I am daring to open my heart more and be my most authentic, resourceful, vital and splendid self.  I DARE…no, I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to open  your heart and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

Blessings and Peace, Blue Jean Oracle