Ransom Note Poetry

Where does inspiration come from? How does it craft itself from the deep places inside, seeking escape and expression? Years ago, 2015, I mused with what I coined “Ransom Note Poetry.”  I promise you I am not plotting any crime or sending these off in a sealed envelope. I would cut words randomly from magazines and then arrange them on the table until a message, a musing, a poem appeared. It was a way to declutter my mind, to stir my soul or quest a faraway dream. They sleep in an old journal, that I stumbled across one morning in my studio. The words, calling like a whisper, asking me to remember.

I have search for years to find my language of expression. As a teenager, my father gave me a journal to encourage me to write. He wanted to be a writer, and he tried his hand at it for years. My writing, journaling and even poetry has been a deep inquiry of meaning. As a seeker of wisdom and knowledge, I am always attempting to resolve the perplexity of life. I hunger for understanding and most times feel I am speaking 27 languages at once. My desire to connect, to experience life through sensorial and somatic expression, has brought my writing to blogging and sharing in the web. I dabbled with poetry. It may be calling me back?

Here are two of my “Ransom Note” Poems:

The Key to a perfect getaway
Where superior standards meet.
We proudly sponsor big dreams
And extraordinary talents.
There is nothing small about it.

Simple and stress free.
Home grown in what’s inside.
Testing the waters.
Live Here.
Play Here.

Fortunately, now every dog wants purpose.
Salty air,
More capacity and flexibility,
And Quality of life.

From the first look,
When life was so tender
stay and savor beloved,
a rather extraordinary way to travel –

Your Journey Awaits!

Written March 3, 2015



Expand Your Horizons!
Knowledge through discovery
Somatic exploration
Offers more than a beachy retreat.

True tales,

Moves with your heart
Expands elements,
Fire up your passion,
Five minutes can make all the difference.

Higher Intensity.

Places to deeply rest,
Relaxation has a new name,
Align your future with those
Who share your passion for quality of life,
To experience unparalleled powerful results.

Working for you,
I’m not your Guru, you are.
Be committed,
Take charge.
A plan that’s right for you.


Written March 22, 2015

Where does your inspiration come from? How do you express and articulate what’s inside?  I have said this to many a client…“better out, than in!”  The key is the method of expression and articulation that aligns with your soul, your purpose, your heart, and your dreams. Until next time… Here is a new musing.

Blessings and Peace,

Blue Jean Oracle.