Portals of Perspective

I have fallen into this routine of walking in the woods each morning, early, as the sun is just coming up.  There was something different about this morning.  It was the first morning to the city’s “Shelter in Place” order. Driving to the park, I felt uneasy, like I was doing something wrong.  I wasn’t! We are “allowed”, “permitted” and almost “encouraged” to get outside, as long as we practice social distancing and don’t amass in groups.  Never in my life, did I think I would be living in a time with rules like this.

I arrive and park in my usual spot.  I decide which way to walk today and start off through the formal garden. My pacing is quick, hurried and rushed like I am late for that important interview.  As I exit the formal garden and start walking on the pavement, my path is more serpentine.  Each time I move to straighten out the pattern, I’m pulled into this winding rhythm.  I notice a circle of trees and I’m drawn to them. They are a mix of sweet gum and maybe poplar, just starting to leaf out. What draws me in is the space in between.  I walk into the circle and feel an almost swirling, but there is no breeze. It’s the energy.  As I stand there, paused and still, I sigh and feel the chaoticness of my mind, of this crazy pandemic time, subside. “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous”-Aristotle.  I come into rhythm with this portal of trees. It takes less than five minutes in this place to still me. I am grateful.  I am also grossly aware of how I allowed my mind to provoke me into a state of anxiousness, worry and even fear. There is a resonance of this fear,  it is in the collective of humanity.

I walk on, staying on the grass that is covered in dew.  I step into the mulch and find the next portal for perceiving. It’s a circle of fungi, a fairy ring.  These sweet little mushrooms are just bursting through the wood mulch from the remnants of a tree that stood in this spot at one time.  The lore of fairy rings gives warnings of danger for entering the circle, for this is a dwelling place of fairies, witches, elves, and other magical beings (gardencollage.com). The danger comes when humans interrupt the fun of the fairies and other magical beings that are said to be dancing in these circles. Interesting metaphor for what is happening currently in our world…fun interrupted.  No gatherings, certainly no group dancing! I think, why not…fairies, take me away! I squat down and shift my perspective to snap a picture of the world from the sightline of the mushrooms.  I think, “where would they take me?”, and wonder, “are the rings connected, like the transporter in sci-fi movies?”, “would go back in time? Or forward?” As I stand there, I reminisce a memory of my trip to Ireland.  We were at Uisneach and my travelling companion starts walking in the circle of trees around the temple of the Sun God Lugh. The air in that place was certainly magical.  I’m up “in” the temple…really on the mound of earth with stones around the perimeter of what was once a structure, when our guide asks, “where’s Anna?” I reply, “oh, she’s run off with the fairies!” I would venture to say that was true, although Anna never gave details of what she was doing down in that circle of trees.

The earth can gift us with change of perspectives. All we have to do is invite it, allow it and feel it.  Everything is energy.  We learned that in elementary science class.  Some energy is more subtle than others.  If lightning strikes close by, the hair on your arm may stand up, feeling the current of electricity. You may get a “feeling” about another person, good or bad, as they stand close to you. With all the busyness of life and technology, our senses for subtleness of energy is dulled (This is a whole other topic for discussion of EMF and such).  For me, energy is a second language, after more than 15 years of study and practice of energy medicine and QiGong.  Yet, there are times I forget to remember.  This is a common phrase I use…forget to remember…I learned it from my stepdad.  He would say it tongue and cheek.  I use it honestly, because there are times I forget to remember.  Feeling energy and shifting perspective is something that is totally in our control, awareness and possibilities. It’s all energy, remember? What makes it different? The frequency…The rhythm…the vibration…the language.  It’s like when you put your clothes on, you can feel them at first and then you don’t. Or like spraying perfume, at first you can smell them and then you don’t; others coming into your field and they smell it. This is the awareness of frequency and resonance. Stepping into a portal, a circle or allowing a shift of perspective will engage the body, mind and spirit in fascinating ways. And, there is no set rule for what will be perceived, felt, or experienced. It is a simple act of relatedness.  It is a willingness really, of seeing the world or universe from another perspective.

As I stand in this fairy circle, there is nothing I can do to lift the shelter in place order, or the ordinance that has shutdown my in-person sessions, or the flow of customers to the gallery…what it does do is quiet my mind, bringing me to the present moment and invites me to witness Divine beauty. This may not pay my impending bills or enhance my cash flow, but it does keep my anxiety lower.  Ellen Dee Davidson wrote, “…when we can stay conscious of our relatedness, then burn-out will be less likely.”  This is part of what I am attempting with my morning walks, to keep a conscious connection to this world and to my SELF.

As I walk on, my meandering continues through the meadow and into the woods.  My pace slowing and my senses get heightened to the sounds of the songbirds, the tapping of the woodpeckers and the rustling from the squirrels in the leaves. Most days when I walk in the woodland wildflower garden along the stream, I come to a place that I can stand in the stream bed for a few minutes, and allow the flow of water to bathe my Chi. The sound of the water, the flow of the current and the relatedness of living synchronizes in these moments.  Here I am in another portal.

While these experiences I am sharing may only be in my perception, they feed my soul, keep me from the consumption of uncertainty and fear, and expand my conscious mind to something greater than myself. It is a simple practice of stepping into a portal of perspective. I invite you to try it and see what happens.

Blessings and Peace,

Blue Jean Oracle