ORACLE: a person giving wise or authoritative decisions or opinions

Logo Description:

Blue Jean Oracle™ is a series of Trinities.  The logo is crafted  with a clover, a heart and the triquetra. Each of these icons stand alone in symbolism and have the common thread – love.  The clover/shamrock is the symbol of the trinity of past, present, future or sky, earth, underground in Celtic lore.  Clover is also a symbol of protection, money, love and success. The Triquetra is a symbol of the triple goddess (500 BC); of air, water, earth; of love, honor, protection; of life, death, rebirth. The Triquetra is the Rune of protection in Celtic Lore and the infinite circle of life. Certainly, the heart is a symbol of love.  It is at the center or heart of my work. Love is the eternal thread, weaving through life. Blue Jean Oracle™ encompasses love of nature, love of humanity and love that simply is…

The Vision of Blue Jean Oracle™

Blue Jean Oracle™ is a persona of sorts.  It is a title or name or icon that weaves together a heartfelt desire to bring together many years of study, wisdom and life’s learning into a casual and comfortable model. This website, Facebook and Instagram  will be a sharing of what Beth has learned and is learning, expressed through blogging and photo journals, somatic and creative tools.  She wants to bring ancient teachings of somatics, bodywork, QiGong, energy medicine, embodiment, spiritual ecology, philosophy and other topic into present day naturalness…like wearing your favorite pair of blue jeans.  Many of the ancient masters were seekers of knowledge, of understanding and had the desire to connect the threads…weaving the fabric of living.

Blue Jean Oracle™ Tools for Seamless Living

Through the acronym SEAMLESS, Blue Jean Oracle™ emerged as an offering. Each letter is a way of practice: Somatic, Energy, Awareness, Meaningful Living, Engaging Senses and Spirit.

Somatic:  Massage therapy, bodywork, Qi Gong, and intuitive coaching are services Beth offers as ways to assist her clients on their path to Seamless Living. Contact Beth to Schedule a session.

Energy can be many things from Reiki and QiGong to art, photography, writing, and guided practices.

Awareness is a simple and complex practice…”where your thoughts go, energy flows.” What do you notice? What connections are you making or missing?

Meaningful Living: What brings meaning and purpose to life? What is driving your heart? These questions may be explored through coaching, bodywork, creative tools, workshops, photo journal, and other creative tools.

Engaging Senses and Spirit: This is the meat of personal practice and living. What engages a person in living? Engagement of senses and spirit is the manifestation of meaning in life.  It is how it is expressed and experienced.

Life may not always be easy, it can always be seamless.


Prayer Beads are a creative tool that are wonderful for engaging the senses and spirit.  Some are wearable, some are traditional rosary or chaplet style, all are made with prayerful intentionality.
Visit Blue Jean Oracle™ on Instagram to see our “gallery” of prayer beads. For more information or to purchase prayer beads, contact Beth.



The creative process is imagination in action.  As a way of making connection, exploring inner meaning and releasing ideas, Beth takes paint to canvas in an intuitive and abstract form.
Visit Seamless_Creativity on Instagram for a collection of art by Beth Blair, Blue Jean Oracle™. For pricing and information on art, contact Beth.