Life Lessons from Earthworms

One day, while doing my solo contemplation walk, I came upon a parking lot full of earthworms. The ground was wet from the soft misting rain.  There was a sad poetic water ballet of these worms moving across the pavement. It caught my attention, for a moment, then I walked on. Later, my brother texted me, saying, “I just saw two hawks mating (he didn’t use the word mating!!), what does that mean?”  My reply was simple, hawks are a symbol of a messenger.  What two messages are coming together for you, I asked? We bantered back and forth for a minute, then that too, was gone.

Late in the afternoon, I was trying to clear my mind of some worry and monkey mind activity, so I went to check the swimming pool and add some chlorine. After backwashing the pool before adding the chlorine, I noticed clumps of worms in the bottom of the pool. Remember the rain of earlier? I grabbed the skimmer and collected the carnage, disposing of it in the bushes. I paused for a moment, and then moved on. The next morning, with my daily routine of coffee brewing and pet care, I stepped softly on something squishy on my kitchen floor. It was an earthworm! I picked it up and transported it outside, still living. Here with my three encounters of earthworms, I was seeing the life, death, life cycle. What is calling my attention?

Ok, Universe, I’ll look, I thought. I grabbed my Ipad and googled earthworm totem. Messages are all around, for those willing to see and sometimes, you need a decoder ring to figure it out.  Thanks Google! Einstein is noted for saying, “There are only two ways to live life.  One as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” For me everything in life has meaning and, meanings are miracles.  The meaning and maybe the miracle, is for the one who sees the metaphor, the hawk, the earthworm. Questioning is how we decipher the message.  Questions like, “What has my attention?” “What do I need to know at this time?” “Where are my thoughts?” “What’s happening in my life? Or not happening?” Then investigate.

My quick google search on the earthworm totem, told me that the worm is a symbol of intelligence. Without eyes, a worm uses its body to senses things and feel its way through life. They teach us to use our feelings and sensing to know. They are also spiritual groundskeepers, interacting with the world body, mind and soul. Connecting these threads of meaning speaks to where I am with all the stuff happening in the world right now. I am a feeler, an empathic person. I need to not only feel my feelings and emotions completely; and I need to express them.  I am also in the process of discerning a call of the land. These spiritual groundskeepers showed up in my world, my line of sight three times, showing the cycle of life, death life in the world through dancing in the mist, the crypt of the swimming pool and literally on my path on the bottom of my foot. I think I will continue to explore this useful totem.

Going back to my brother’s inquiry about the hawks, that was a message for him. He saw the hawks.  It is his lesson to decipher, meaning for him to glean.  The gift he brought me was the reminder of totems. We take in so much information daily, that we forget to remember simple connections.  That simple and humorous text exchange connected me back to the totem of the earthworms, I saw three times in two days.  This is how we walk alone together.  This is how we share experience, knowledge and wisdom.  This is how we awaken to awareness; we move, we think, and we feel.   Weaving our awareness and Einstein’s statement on miracles is a profound and quantum way to heal the planet.

We are living in a crazy time of pandemic, fear, uncertainty. We can look to increase our awareness with paying attention to what we are experiencing through our movements, thoughts and feelings. Can we see, really SEE, the miracles blooming, flying and slithering around us?  We then inquire and pause in contemplation. We can share our excitement of our experiences in conversation, storytelling or other expressive outlets. Learning doesn’t happen in isolation.  We must put it into practice, test it, explore it and discern it.  What is showing up in your world? What symbols, totems, messages are you seeing? Where do your thoughts and feelings go?

Blessing and Peace,

Blue Jean Oracle