Jester and Sage: 10 years of Training with a Master

When I arrived in Summerville, South Carolina, the weekend of my Reiki Master training, in October 2010, I had no idea of the level of training that was coming my way.  Sure, I knew what to expect from becoming a Reiki Master and Teacher. There was more in store for me, and this training would take ten years.

It is said, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Well, I really didn’t feel ready for what was presented when I met this Jester and Sage, resting with his head on the step of the shed in the backyard.  He was so soulful…an old soul…and he was goofy, playful…a jester! During the weekend course, we would get breaks, go outside, and play with the puppies.  They were of age to find their forever homes.  Throughout the weekend, puppies were getting adopted…save one.  My guy was the last of the puppies by the end of my Reiki workshop. As I said goodbye to my Reiki Master, I felt the tug on my heart to bring him home with me. At first, I didn’t listen to that tug.  I left and went to my friend’s, where I was staying.  It kept nagging at me…to the point I rang my teacher and “asked permission” for this puppy to come live with me. It felt strange at first, but I knew that this was a “Reiki Dog” and, I guess, an initiation of sorts.

I picked him up the next morning, after a trip to the pet store for a leash and collar. This pup had never been on a long car ride…we had 4 hours to travel home. When I put him on the floor of the passenger side of the car, our eyes met and I said, “Look, we have a long way to go and I need you to stay there!” He curled up and went to sleep…and so it began…my 10 years with this Jester and Sage, MYO (Mee-oh).

I am going to share with you some of the things he has taught me over these 10 years.  Some lessons will sound obvious, and they are…and they are challenging to fully embody. Although I could share hundreds of lessons, let’s keep it to 10, honoring the years he was with me.

  • Have the meaningful and tough conversations face to face. Make eye contact and be honest, even if it’s difficult.  The relationships that matter, deserve “face time”, not the tech FaceTime, the real deal. What matters most is SEEING those that matter to you.  If you cannot look them in the eye and say what you need to say…there is something wrong.

  • Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Honor those that call you friend, have your back, are loyal, and love you for who you are. Some friendships are short. They enter your life for a specific encounter and move on.  Some stay a lifetime.  Both are priceless.  Let go of the bitterness when  friendship ends. Honor the lesson.  There is ALWAYS, a lesson. Have diverse friends.  They come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, belief systems, genders, etc.  Each is a gift, a teacher, and an opportunity.  Remember you are a gift, a teacher, and an opportunity for the other person as well.

  • Play! Life is serious enough! Take time to play. Do the things you love.  And do them with the entirety that is you!

  • Touch is so important. Sit close. Be present. Be quiet, at times.  Just be with those that you love.

  • FOCUS. What has your attention? Is it what’s important to you? Or is it just busyness of the world?  If you want to be successful, if you have a heart centered goal, if you have a dream or a wish that is calling you…keep your “eye on the ball!”

  • Take time to pause, rest, sleep, meditate and just be.  Life is busy enough.  Take time for you. You are the only one who can. It doesn’t have to be in solitude (although that is yummy), it can be with a good friend.

  • Back to friendship, lean on those friends when you need to. Ask for help. Learn to receive from others. Love is in the small things.
  • Trust the ones that stay when life gets hard. It is easy to be with others during the happy times.  The ones that sit with you during the struggles, the breakups, the illness, the loss, the heartbreak…those are the keepers! Loyalty is Royalty!

  • What great medicine it is to smile, to bring a smile to another. The playful jester is an archetype in all of us.  Remember, smiles are contagious.

  • Know when to let go. This is a hard lesson. There are many ways this lesson shows up in life. It could be letting go of a thought pattern, a habit, a relationship, belongings, and even a life. The more we can release attachment, the healthier and happier life can be.  Letting go is a hard lesson. One I have not mastered for sure. This was his last lesson with me.  I had to let him go.

Myo was a Virgo, born August 25th, 2010. He joined our family on October 25th, 2010. He was an exuberant life force that never really “calmed down,” as people promise about Labradors. He was funny and stoic.  He was my doorbell and had special barks for people he knew, or the alarm for those he didn’t. He was more accepting of people than I was, 90 pounds of LOVE coming at you to meet or greet you.  He had a few dog nemeses, that his bark was more fierce. He played hard and rested hard.  He always knew how to be with me. He was the doorman for the cats and would ring the bell or bark to let them in or out. He loved to swim and was the local lifeguard at our pool, always keeping his eye on the swimmers, with the occasional “lifesaving” jump! There was never an actual emergency.

He trusted me when life got hard, lesson 8.  I stayed in. I smiled (lesson 9) at the moments that needed smiles or were small success and in the end I had to choke the tears down with the heartbreaking call to be his advocate and let him go (lesson 10).  We said good-bye to him on November 21, 2020, surrounding him with love. If you are a numerology person, he was born on a 9 day and died on a 9 day. Nine is the number of universal love, of faith, of the humanitarian and the lightworker.  He certainly was all this and more. I am most grateful for this old soul, jester, sage and loyal friend. He was a gift beyond measure. I believe I am a better person today, because of my training with Myo.

Myo, Jester and Sage, Reiki Master and Lightworker 8/25/2010 – 11/21/2020.

Blessings and Peace,

Blue Jean Oracle