In the Weeds: Determination and Pluck

Where some see weeds, others see wildflowers and even wishes. A weed is just a plant growing where you don’t want it to grow. I haven’t checked the stats, but I would say there is a billion-dollar business on the annihilation of weeds. It could be trillions!! There are invasive weeds that have been introduced into our landscape to “solve” problems, such as Kudzu.  According to Wikipedia, it was introduced to the US in 1883 and its origin is Asian. It was brought here to “shade porches.” Just imagine, sitting under the cover of a luscious green canopy sipping sweet tea and solving the world’s problems. Kudzu was brought here, not as a weed, but as a solution. It has become out of control and is now known as, “the vine that ate the south.” We “nuke” the planet because of this “weed” that can grow over the tops of trees. We created this monster situation!

There are other so-called weeds that are old-time remedies, medicine and ceremonial signs of the seasons. Dandelions are the weeds we wish on. Besides being the spreader of wishes, dandelion is nutritious and a good source of minerals.  It also is noted to reduce cholesterol, fights inflammation, is an antioxidant, detoxes the liver, helps the blood, is a great addition to salads and makes good wine. My great-grandfather made dandelion wine.  These attributes are qualified with the word “may” in the list in most google articles. My speculation is because of the control of big pharma, and probably “turf-builders -R-Us” industries. The business of illness and toxicity in the world is a MEGA-Trillion-dollar dog chasing its tail. Is health profitable and good business for the people and the planet?  WOW!  I would say that it costs much less to be healthy!! Illness and symptom management are the big money makers and cost the individual more than just cash, while the BIG business grow like KUDZU! Symptoms are the presumed weeds of the human body. We have compromised on much.

The word compromise is defined as, “accept standards that are lower than desirable,” or “bring into disrepute or danger by indiscreet, foolish or reckless behavior” (Merriam-Webster). It’s a concession! The origin of the word brought a slightly different flavor…“to promise mutually.” There is an ocean of difference in tonality and experience of concession and a mutual promise.  I think back to Kudzu and the original intent of the introduction of this monster weed to the south.  It was to bring shade to the porch sitters. The quality of Kudzu that I would like to emulate is determination and even pluck!

When I started noodling this idea of weeds, I was reminded of an experience I had last year while mowing.  I was part of a manifestation group.  The idea of the group was that by coming together and supporting what we each wanted to manifest in our lives, we were increasing the manifesting power exponentially.  While I was mowing my yard, I brought to mind each person in the group.  As I mowed over the dandelion seed blossoms and released them into the air, I held each person’s manifestation proclamation in my mind. After mowing, I shared this with the group via email.  Here’s something I never realized until now, I left myself out of the mix of this practice.  I didn’t hold myself, nor my manifestation proclamation in my mind. I honestly think I saw my proclamation, not as the vibrant wish released on the air as possibility. It was a weed that I annihilated by the blade of the mower.

Culturally, we are conditioned, trained and even shamed to put other’s dreams, manifestations, goals, and even values before our own.  We are to “weed and feed” their lives and livelihood first. The “hope” is that someone is doing this for us.  I wrote about this last year in a blog call “Compromise or With Promise, Which Way Do You Want To Live?” It was written from the perspective of the entrepreneur and networking. The principles I addressed apply to any aspect of life.  It’s come back to the definition of a weed and these questions… “What am I planting?”, “What’s its purpose?”, “Is it compromise or with promise?”

The dandelion has been the leading antagonist in the herbicide campaign for years.  One seed head or blossom holds more than 40-100 seeds. Dandelions are one of the first flowers the pollinator population feeds off in early spring.  It is part of the vibrancy of the Spring and Summer, not to mention the health benefits I mentioned earlier. It gets nuked from the lawn with herbicide and pluck from the lawn as a vehicle of wishing. It has the dualistic symbolism here of compromise and with promise.  What other metaphors come to mind for you? Are you accepting standards that are lower than desirable? Concessions? What about promises made mutually?  There is a myriad of weed and wisdom metaphors that are part of life’s journey.

The deepest part of my passion, work and way of living is to make connections. It’s in the relationality of living, the metaphor and meanings and the Divine inspiration that I bring to these pages and to my coaching sessions.  I realize that many just see the yellow flower in the lawn as a weed.  My hope is to model, teach, coach and mentor other possibilities of the connectedness of life on this spinning orb circling the sun in a vast universe. We are made for so much more than the limited and conventional. We are the seed blossoms, lofting on the breeze, with so much possibility. We MUST dare to hold our own dreams, wishes and manifestations as possible.

Blessing and Peace,

Blue Jean Oracle