Fierce Compassion

This morning as I was planning to descend the stairs to my studio to select a painting for the day, I looked at one that has been in front of me for years.  She rests in my dining room where I do most of my computer work. She faces the entrance to my home, usually. At the moment, She is facing me. She is Kuan Yin. In Buddhism, She is Avalokitesvara “The one who hears the cries of the world.” She is the Chinese Goddess of Compassion.

I was raised Catholic and resonate with the personification saints and apply that to gods and goddesses. In doing so, a personal relationship is cultivated. Over the years, Kuan Yin is one of my “go to goddesses” for support and healing. She listens and guides me in my work. She is who I danced with as I healed from my chronic back issues and degeneration. I found Her in my Qi Gong practice and later, in the study of Karuna Reiki with the International Center for Reiki Training. She is the model of compassion and She is fierce.

My personal journey with pain was interesting. It was a constant ticking inside me for years. It was a collection of stuff, stories and silent suffering that accumulated, like dust bunnies in the corner. It manifested in my back. To me, Kuan Yin is the Chinese version of Mary with martial training. She is a warrior who can ride a dragon. When you are doing healing work, personal or helping another, you need a warrior on your side, one that has a heart the size of the universe. This is my vision of Kuan Yin. She taught me how to hold space for my pain and healing. She taught me how to do that with others.  The work was mine to do in my healing. And, through Qi Gong, meditation and learning various types of energywork, She was with me.

Compassion, as defined by Merriam-Webster, “is sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” Some confuse compassion with pity, empathy and even commiseration. Compassion is a very active offering. The prefix com, in our language, means with. So, compassion is with passion. This word, passion, is very misunderstood and misused. The range of meaning is from suffering (as in the Passion of Christ), outbreak of anger or ardent Love and even sex…I guess some would say love can be a type of suffering. For me, passion is a force to bring about change. It can be through suffering pain, through ardent love or some sort of trial. It has enough fuel to heal, create and inspire…IF you can stay in it long enough and without pity. Having a companion, a warrior, an Avalokitesvara, a Goddess that can ride a dragon with you in the process is vital and it is guaranteed to change you. It did me!

Kuan Yin, for me, is more than the fierce Warrior. She is the Divine Mother! As a mother, I personal know what fierce love is. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my son, Brian. My love for him is as big as the Universe and beyond.  He is the only human that has heard my heartbeat from the inside. Kuan Yin hears with the heart of a Mother. Kuan Yin knows my heartbeat too, and I know Hers.

This painting is a cosmic swirl of energy. I can see Kuan Yin and a dragon in it. It reminds me to live my life with passion and purpose. It reminds me that the Divine Mother has my back, knows my heart and will come to my assistance. She hears me.

Blessings and peace on your journey.