Deep Needed Awareness…The Sleeping Dragon

“Don’t wake a sleeping baby,” “Let sleeping dogs lie,” and certainly, “Never wake a sleeping dragon.” All seemingly, well-meaning advice and yet there is something missing.  Many of us live our lives taking in information from the outside, without listening to the “Dynamic Natal Affirmations” from within.  We each have an internal guiding system, an enormous library of information that is sleeping like the dragon inside.  The collective mind warns, “Don’t meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.” This sayings source is unknown and is linked to several authors and epic stories. My point is that FEAR is the collective control mechanism that keeps us from listening to our personal GPS or our “Determined Navigational Advantage.” Have you picked up what that is? DNA…our personal coding, cellular awareness, evolving matrix that is programmed to change.

DNA is our ruby slippers.  It is the marauder’s map.  It is the keys to the kingdom. And these, keys define who we are, where we go and how we get there.  It is a mystical labyrinth of information in the double helix that, not only heals us, but evolves us as a whole, as the collective, as the planet. This is the coding of enlightenment, awakened consciousness, and higher frequency. In this wholeness, the shadow and the light are both useful and necessary. There have been many different writings on these 64 clues, some scientific and some esoteric, some mystical and some mundane.  The ancient book I-Ching is one, whose writing has the reader riddled with deciphering the message and honestly, much of it seems bleak. I have worked with the I-Ching, throwing the coins for years, cringing at times to the message, and still willing to contemplate the code. There are even practices, like Tai Chi and QiGong that are linked to decoding this mystical dragon of our DNA and raising our vibration and consciousness.

Science tells us that in DNA there are 64 codons made up from 4 bases, but only 3 bases in each codon (4*4*4 =64).  There are 20 amino acids, and several stop codons and a start codon, strung together in the double helix (source: So, DNA operates like a computer algorithm. Putting different combinations together to create different things in our cells.  Now the interesting thing that science wants us to believe is that we have a bunch of “junk DNA” or non-essential DNA. None of our DNA is junk…it is just sleeping.  We carry information from the beginning of time, from our ancestors in our DNA. We have everything inside us that we need to know. Matching our 64 codons, are 64 hexagrams in the I-Ching, which was written before the discovery of the makeup of DNA. Whether it is vital or junk, these 64 codons inside each of us give us the code, the programming of the dragon that sleeps. It’s time to wake it up.

I have been circling this study for many years, putting my toe in to test the water, glimpsing and gleaning a clue, an awareness, a crumb of the greater message.  It has only been in this last year that I have become “more serious” in my quest for knowing. And this is the pandora’s box, the paradox.  The desire to know, to try, to learn, to seek, to understand will yield very little. So why try? The reason is simple…because I woke the dragon. I inquired, I agreed, I put on the slippers and clicked my heals and now…I am on the slippery slope of a quest that can only be realized through surrender, through pausing, through allowing and contemplating, through the not trying. This was a teaching of a recent 4-month retreat called the Deep Dive.  It is from the work known as the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd (There are 64 Gene Keys).  I have been working with his writing for more than 5 years.  I received the invitation to the course/retreat and put more than a toe in…It was a cannon ball into the deep end of the pool. What a profound experience. At the same time of answering this invitation, I started a workshop with my friend, colleague and soul-sister, Carly Sink of Hi-Frequency Healing on the Science and Ceremony of Imprinting Water. Water imprinting is a sacred practice that feeds us on a cellular level, our DNA. What we found in our workshop is that people are literally, thirsting for the “how-tos” of awakening…and there is still the collective FEAR pulsing in the matrix. Drinking from the well is a metaphor that many mystics and spiritual teachers use.  The ceremony of imprinting water is a way of waking up your DNA with science, a dash of intention and practical awareness.

All of this has me on a new quest, or maybe my original quest or maybe my releasing control. I see this work as my heart’s desire to do more than know…my heart’s desire is really to BE. I see the coding in my art, my writing and it was even in my bodywork sessions before they paused with this pandemic. The awakening I feel in my writing and art is palpable.  In my sessions with others, it is not only my work awakening, but an invitation for the client…if they choose to accept it. I cannot make another learn, hear, grow, or awaken. I can only share what I see, feel, and have experienced.  Even in this, it is a quagmire.  Trying to explain this is creating personal resistance and fear of not being heard. It feels messy, like cooking a great soup with lots of ingredients, the kitchen gets trashed and the work is doubled with the cleanup, but the reward is delicious.  Isn’t that what life is? With 64 codons, and a variety of possibilities, no two dragons will be alike.  The collective mind wants us to be the same, to be sheep moving with the herd…in mythic stories…there aren’t herds of dragons…and, once awake, they are hard to silence.  I wonder what would happen in our world if many dragons awoke at once?

This search and discovery rings of Mufasa’s message from the clouds to Simba in the Lion King, “Remember who you are.” This is the message of all the epic tales, hero’s journey…each hero/heroine has that moment of pause, doubt, fear and then remember who they are, with valor and honor being theirs.  It is the story that is played repeatedly.  The message is for us to remember, to awaken our hero/heroine, and our dragon.  All we need to know is sleeping inside. It’s waiting for the invitation to wake up. I am excited about this area of my work that is developing and will be sharing more with you soon. In the meantime, I am available for coaching or distance energywork sessions, contemplative nature walks and art sales (in person bodywork sessions are currently suspended).  Until next time, I challenge you to summon your dragon. It’s time to harness your personal “Deep Needed Awareness.”

Here are some links for the resources mentioned above:

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Blessings and Peace,

Blue Jean Oracle