Ah, Freedom!

I jumped into this wormhole of thought at the end of the day, after a seemingly unimportant wardrobe choice brought my attention to a deep dull ache. It was a small article of clothing. How could it possibly bring so much discomfort? And, yet it does. Many women at the end of the workday, when they are “free” in their own home, do that magic trick of snaking their bra off by pulling it down their sleeve only to release a deep sigh… Ah, freedom and letting the girls out!

Before the creation of the bra or its earlier predecessor, the corset, there is evidence of similar clothing that’s sole purpose was to accentuate a woman’s beauty. Later in history, we find these same wardrobe accessories burned in protest as a message of the desire for freedom. Why is it that as humans we capture and restrain those things, we find beautiful? An exotic animal in a cage, flowers in a vase are simple examples of the control we place in the name of beauty, enjoyment or even “research”. Beauty ends up getting diminished or worse, dies because of this idea of capture and restraint. Voices get quieted, opinions not shared…all for the sake of the appreciation of beauty.

I had a curious pattern emerge prior to this COVID-19 pandemic. Women were coming to my treatment table, with no conscious complaints of issue in this particular area, yet when I place mild pressure on the “bra line” or the ribs around T-10 to T-12, they had tenderness and even pain that they didn’t know they had. This area of the body is the top of the Solar Plexus chakra, with the heart chakra sitting on top of it. What could be causing this kind of unknown pain? The Solar Plexus is the home of individual self-worth and our will. A center of our physical and mental well-being. We carry in us, in our DNA, our family lineage, their stories, their struggles and success, their self-worth and their will. In the DNA world, this is the area of “non-essential or Junk DNA”, the stuff we don’t use. There is so much we don’t know about what we carry of our ancestors. This unknown is a heavy load to be carried on the “bra line”! This same area is the top of our liver.

In Chinese Medicine, the liver meridian is related to the emotions of kindness and anger. Interesting…  The feminine is Yin energy. It is receptive and yielding. It can be visualized by the character of the Moon, night, dark and deep. Much is not revealed on the dark side of the moon…YET!

Even though I am talking about bras and female things, in Chinese Medicine, philosophy and life…there is a balance that is needed, and we ALL have a feminine side. What is out of balance is the repression of the feminine, the control, the restraint. A caged lion paces the bars looking for a way out and waits…Now is the time to let the cat out, to call on this power that has been sleeping inside. Now is the time for receptivity of ideas, or nurturing ways, of changing the tides.

How can the change happen? What is needed? We must remember what we have forgotten, ALL of us. This is not girls against the boys, as it has been for too long. There is not a person alive, unless you were born from a test tube and grown in a laboratory, that enters this world any other way than through a woman. There is a powerful connection to this…an amazing sound that we forget that we know…the beat of our mother’s heart, FROM THE INSIDE.  There is no other sound like it or nurturing quality of a mother’s heart. There is no connection deeper, no matter what your relationship is with your mother. The closest thing to this sound is the Schumann’s Resonance or the pulse of the Earth. This connection with our mother is a mirror for the planet Earth and our living on it. Earth is Yin and Heaven is Yang. Earth is the Mother. We can feel AND HEAR her heartbeat, if we choose to remember what we, as a collective, have forgotten.

Now is the time to wake up and listen, to connect, to feel, to go inward and know. We are given an opportunity in this time of pausing during this pandemic. It is time to change and bring balance. It is not about squelching the masculine and imposing the feminine. It’s not about putting on pink hats and saying remember this is the gate you came out of. There is more to the feminine than the pink anatomy of the female form. There is power in receptivity, in listening, in rhythm and yes, in yielding. We are given this time to yield, to pause, to rest. Mother Earth is responding. Here is the dark thing we must own as a culture; we have restrained the feminine in each of us for so long that many of us don’t realize we are restrained. Just because there is fur on the handcuffs, doesn’t make them any less of a restraint! Find a way to free your own heart and solar plexus…breathe freely like that deep sigh of a woman removing her bra at the end of the day…let the girls out!! I imagine amazing possibilities can come from finding this balance.

And oh, by the way bras suck!

Blessings and Peace, Blue Jean Oracle