Beth Blair, Blue Jean Oracle™, has had many jobs and studied a variety of things to bring her here to this place. She answered a “call of the land” in February 2019, and her life hasn’t been the same since. What is weaving and unfolding in her life will be illustrated and shared in her words and photos as Blue Jean Oracle™

About Beth

Beth holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Iona College. She has studied horticulture and landscape design. She has a strong desire to learn more about spiritual ecology, DNA and ancestral connections and contemplation as stabilizer of living a full life. For the past twelve years, she has been a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in North Carolina.  She has a deep mystical and spiritual soul that never stops investigating philosophy, spirituality, metaphysical and quantum topics. In her private practice, Beth blends her studies of massage therapy, energy medicine, somatic coaching, Qigong and art. Many life lessons of love and loss have molded Beth to be a dynamic and empathic healing practitioner. She is a wise and eclectic soul who is both fierce and tenderhearted. She is committed to her work, her family and her vision for this world with a tenacious attitude and a wild sense of humor.

As Blue Jean Oracle™, Beth hopes to radiate her love of the Earth and the beings on it, human and otherwise, with honesty, integrity and wisdom in her writing and other creative expressions. She is direct, almost to a fault. Beth sincerely honors the paths of others and strives to model, mentor and emulate perseverance, resourcefulness and strength with incandescent compassion.

Beth has accepted this “call of the land” and is determined with patience as a guiding force, to explore, share and hopefully impact her sphere of influence, leaving a legacy that is rich, warm and has a dash of pluck.

Blessings and Peace!